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      Stone and Tiles Specialist

      Always Bringing you the finest quality of stones and tiles

      Strong Values For a Forward Thinking Company

      Sin Lek offers a wide selection of top quality of stone and tile materials for all your building and construction needs. Incorporated since 1999, we have prosperous and flourish with the support of our faithful customers and grown greatly to our current premises.?

      Our Philosophy is to constantly provide outstanding support to our clients and honouing our timeline to deliver

      Let us know about your projects

      quality tile flooring
      quality tile flooring 1

      Our Products

      With more than 400 different styles of marbles, granites,?mosaic, homogeneous and vinyl tiles in our 3 local warehouse,?we provide a full suite of services from supply to installation for?all your building and construction needs.

      We provide tailored-made services for each and every of our client to give them the assurance of quality and control through our services.

      Past Projects


      Singapore Green Building Council
      biz safe logo
      Marble Institute of America
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